Our Services

We will create and manage your social media identity with services such as Consumer Engagement, Content Creation, Content Distribution and Promotional Campaigns. We have talented videographers, graphic designers and photographers that will help you create engaging and high quality content for your social media channels. This allows your business to connect and engage with your customer base on a more personal level. Social media is critical to your marketing portfolio. It will create an immediate ROI for your marketing plan by generating buzz and brand loyalty amongst your consumer base, allowing you to increase the reach of your business.

Content Creation

Creating quality content is more effective for marketing your demographic than quantity of content.

Creating content that tells the story or narrative of your brand is essential for people to feel compelled by your message. Your content needs to have real value. Customers need to know how your products or services can add value to their experience, not just what they are. Furthermore, to create effective content you have to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the different social media platforms. To understand that videos on Youtube will not work on Facebook.

Content distribution

Creating your content is just the beginning, to know how to effectively distribute the content is another story.

We will distribute your content on the platforms that complement your marketing strategy as a whole; whether that is through Facebook, or through targeted ads. In order to effectively market your brand through social media, you have to understand the mindset or psychology of the viewer. Why they are on the platform? What they are looking for? These are all questions you should ask when deciding on which platform to utilize.


To grow a social media audience organically is a time-consuming task as it requires a lot of commitment and work.

  • Ensuring your posts are of high quality
  • Researching and determining which hashtags are going to bring the most results
  • Having a cohesive “look” and design
  • Engaging with your customers and audience

These are just a few of the tasks that you have to commit to doing over time. This may seem like a formidable roadblock for professionals that do not have the time to commit. Tracer Digital can help you with these processes, to ensure you can focus your time on your business.


Video is the most engaging and dynamic method of reaching out to your community and customers.

Watching a 3-minute video about your products or services is more appealing to the viewer than reading through a block of text. Videos allow for a more emotional connection to be developed. We at Tracer Digital have talented videographers and animators that will realize your vision into reality. From traditional advertisement videos to music videos to corporate videos, we have experience with all of it.

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