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Our Story

This business is built on one belief: we as millennials have grown up in the digital era and possess a better understanding of the digital landscape as opposed to those who have learned the field through statistics, books, and tests. We are confident in our ability to stand out in the noisy marketing world with our hands-on experience and well-developed comprehension of the competition. We aim to create groundbreaking marketing strategies for our clients - propelling them to success.


Our Mission

Our mission is to create the most effective marketing campaign for our clients - bringing out the latest and most innovative companies into the foreground. Our main goal is to enhance the competitive landscape and the success of our client’s companies.

Our Values

• We believe in employing clear and honest marketing strategies that do not rely on the deception of consumers.
• We don’t hire employees, we train entrepreneurs
• We believe business success is achieved through differentiation and Blue Ocean Markets

Meet Our Team

Alson Niu HeadShot

Alson Niu

CEO / Co-Founder

Jefferey Lai HeadShot

Jeffrey Lai

COO / Co-Founder


Bryan Chiu

CBO / Co-Founder

Anthony Green Headshot

Anthony Green

CIO / Co-Founder

Eugene Lau

Eugene Lau



David Capistrano

Lead Designer