Our team will ensure that your website will be catered to your requirements, equipping your website with the latest features and following the latest functionality trends. We take pride in the results of achieving the goals and objectives of our client’s website design projects. With the age of the internet transitioning into smartphones, we will allow your website to be both accessible from mobile and desktop platforms.

What We Do

We begin every project by consulting with you about:

1. What do you need in the new site?

2. What do you need to retain from your old site?

3. What you want to achieve from this project?


E-commerce is the transaction of buying or selling online.

Tracer Digital can create an E-commerce website for your business to establish an online revenue stream. An optimized and well designed E-commerce site will create a more efficient sales funnel or process for your business. Furthermore, having an online Point of Sale gives you the ability to collect the information of your transactions.

This allows you to analyse the data and create a more concentrated strategy for bundling, consumer targeting, etc. Having an E-commerce also allows your customers to have another platform to learn about your products and selection.


UI and UX stands for User Interface and User Experience.

UI includes everything you see on your screen from buttons to layout to graphics. An optimized UI allows for the viewer to navigate with ease, with no confusion and most important of all, quickly and efficiently.

UX includes the entire experience the user has while interacting with the interface. The thoughts, emotions and impressions the viewer conjures while viewing the interface are what encompasses the experience of interacting with the interface. Having effective UI/UX on your website ensures users can find the product or service they need in the most efficient way possible.

Company Video

Dynamic Video Content

Having a video on your site allows your customers to have a more engaging and dynamic method to learn of your company, your products or your services. Would you rather search through the site to learn about the different services or products you provide, or would you rather watch a 3 minute video?

Videos allow for a more emotional connection to be developed with the viewer. Utilize this connection to relay your company values and story towards your customers. Videos are an incredibly powerful form of communication and capitalizing on it for your brand can be very valuable.


Photography is a staple of any social media portfolio.

  • To understand what separates a professional photographer from anyone with a smartphone is knowledge and practice of theories and concepts.
  • Knowing how to frame and compose your photo within the restrictions of the social media platform
  • To understand the interactions of foreground, mid ground and backgrounds
  • To effectively edit your photos in a way that conveys your message

These are some of the fundamentals needed to make a good photo. Furthermore, to create content that support your hashtags and appeal to your audience is a collaborative task behind strategy and content creation.

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