Your Branding


Our designers will help you with anything from a logo to any form of print media. We will help your brand have a more consistent image: whether that is a complete re-brand or just touch-ups on your existing designs. We ensure that your business will look and feel professional.

Media Kit

The importance of having a company media kit.

A media kit is a set of promotional materials for a company or a person that can be distributed to other associates for promotional use. The benefits of having a media kit are tied to your company growth for publicity and referrals. This kit consists of many files and information, such as images, logo, print media and business cards. As a business owner, it is essential for us to provide you with dynamic media content for your convenience in the future.

Logo Design

A logo isn’t just an illustration, it is part of your brand identity.

Having a corporate identity is the most important asset to a company and the logo is the foundation of all media. It is the first establishment your customers will see. At Tracer Digital we take your inquiries and treat it like our own, helping you create a strong and diverse logo is our strength. Through our logo design process, you will have the options to choose and customize to your preference.

Print Material

Print media assets are the equivalent to word-of-mouth marketing.

In our print material packages, it includes:

1. Brochures, Business cards 
2. Annual reports, Presentation folders 
3. Stationery packages 
4. Packaging design 
5. Posters, Calendars

Digital print material

Online marketing is essential to your company. Having digital assets for your website or mailing services is crucial to keep your customers updated at all times.

This digital material includes:

  1. Online Ads
  2. Website banner and designs
  3. social media posts
  4. E-mail Newsletters, E-mail Marketing

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