SEO Auditing

We at Tracer Digital will audit your current SEO rankings to determine if it needs improvements.

 We will audit and analyse your Keywords, Page-Speeds, Meta-Tags, Headers, Domain Authority, Backlinks. What that means is that we will breakdown all the different faces of SEO and formulate a catered strategy to improve from your current position.


Google adwords

In the world of online marketing, having your website displayed on the first page versus the second page of your Google search means a world of difference.

What Google Adwords can do for your business is display your website at the top of the search listing as an advertisement based on the keywords you choose. This allows you to target your customers based on what they search for, their geographical locations, the time frame, their language and the device they are using. This allows for a very focused and efficient marketing strategy. Google Adwords also allows you to advertise through the Google Display Network which is a group of more than 2 million websites, videos and apps. Furthermore, Google Adwords allows you to reach and engage viewers on YouTube and across the Google Display Network through video campaigns. Not utilizing Google’s services for your business would mean missing out on the opportunity to market to over a billion unique visitors.


Advertisement Production

We will create quality content for your advertising.

We will help you produce advertisements with strong call to actions, to get potential prospects in your sales funnel, Giving you the attention and time to communicate your unique selling proposition, with the end goal of increasing your online conversions


Advertiser distribution

We will help you distribute your content in the most efficient way possible.

Using the advertisements we have created, the next step is to find the right demographic of people that we can target, who have a need or desire for your product/services. We will distribute your advertisements through Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Spotify, and other online platforms.