We are the proven SEO Agency in Vancouver with outstanding results.

 Why trust us with your SEO?

We are a proven SEO Agency in Vancouver and already helped a lot of Canadian Clients in their Local and National SEO Campaigns. You can expect ON-Point SEO strategies and tangible results for your business in the matter of months.

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We ANALYZE your Competitor’s Marketing Tactics

Yes! We assess your competitor’s Online Marketing Strategies using multiple tools. We find the loopholes in their campaigns and make sure your business cover all loopholes while following the already proven strategies for getting you an edge over your competitors. White hat certified. 

Dedicated Teams

We’ve helped our clients in doubling and sometime tripling their traffic/sales/revenue in the matter of months. Our team is highly dedicated and dig deeper on your competition for coming up with winning SEO & marketing ideas.

Experienced Marketers

We have smart and experienced marketers in our team with big history of turning the tables. You can expect a professional and mature process for your SEO & marketing campaigns.

Timely Reporting

You will never need to chase us for the updates on your SEO & Marketing campaigns. You can expect time to time updates with in-depth details stating what exactly is happening.

Results over Words

We understand that results speak louder than words and our focus from day one will be to get you the results as soon as possible with our advanced SEO and marketing techniques.


We are not limited to just SEO—We provide multiple growth and online marketing services at Tracer Digital based on your requirements and users/audience/clients. Here is the complete list of our services:

Web Design and Development

Web Design & Development

We have a big portfolio of interactive & responsive website designs. You can expect an SEO friendly service/e-commerce website loaded with lead magnets for your business.
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Business Branding

Business Branding Services

We have an experienced team of branding that can help you in running the branding campaigns following the interest of your potential customers/clients.
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Cyber Security

Cyber Security Services

We understand that your company's personal and user data is everything to you. We have an experienced team that can ensure the cyber security for your company.
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO Services

We are a Proven SEO Agency and already helped a lot of clients in boosting their organic traffic. Our focus is to bring you results in terms of customers/clients and not just the fancy reports every month.
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Local SEO Services

Local SEO Services

We have a good experience in optimizing the Google my Business Listings (GMB'S) for the nearby locations. It helped our clients in generating more leads and customers to their local businesses.
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Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Most companies outsource their marketing assets to different companies, which results in an inconsistent strategy and brand identity. We help you make sure that everything is done consistently. As well as creating every asset and campaign with the end goal in mind.
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We are a team of passionate website developers, SEO experts and Digital marketing enthusiasts. We use internet marketing for bringing you more customers/clients to your business.