Tell your brand story

Create your future with Tracer Digital.

Tell your brand story

Create your future with Tracer Digital.

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Tracer Digital is a local brand strategy,
creative and digital marketing agency

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Tracer Digital realizes that the world of business is changing and creating a presence on the internet will allow you to connect with your consumer base like never before. We work with businesses of all sizes to create an identity, a marketing strategy and campaigns that will tap into changing technologies and global trends. We at Tracer Digital will help you achieve your objectives and goals and elevate you to the next level.

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What We Do


Marketing Strategy

A strategy is what encompasses all the different aspects of your marketing efforts. Having a marketing strategy will ensure all aspects of your business is cohesive and working together. We at Tracer Digital will help you realize your vision through cooperative consultation sessions. Through these Consultation Sessions, we will formulate a Brand Strategy, a Corporate Identity, and a Long-Term Marketing Plan.


Foundation Building

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make while building their companies is the development of their business upon a weak foundation. Your brand is the foundation of your business identity. It should encapsulate your business’ story, mission, and identity. Through your brand’s foundation, the community will associate with your business. All too often businesses cut corners when investing into their brand, only to later pour money and assets into marketing ending up with lower sales conversion. The foundation for a strong digital marketing campaign includes a strong brand, website, and digital assets . We can help you turn your story and passion into a tangible icon. We will walk step by step with you, explaining our designs and ensuring what we create resonates with your vision.


Media Production

Once we have determined your brand strategy, we will begin producing digital assets that captivate and communicate effectively with your prospective consumers. Examples of digital assets are websites, video content, print material, and UI/UX. These assets are then used to communicate your brand story and value proposition on various social platforms. Each platform requires a different strategy, but your message should have a recurring presence throughout all of them. This can be done through establishing a clear brand story and identity. Then taking this story to produce top level content that speaks and captivates your prospective consumers.



We will launch a custom strategy specifically catered for your target market and industry – guaranteeing a focus on the right demographic. This is done through in-depth market research and planning to ensure both the unique and effective aspects collaborate. Some of the distribution platforms we utilize include social media, SEO, Google Adwords and influencer marketing. Through distribution the return conversions will be shown, making it one of the most crucial steps of our process. With the foundation, assets and brand you have built, we portray your story through unparalleled marketing that places you above competitors. The growth of your online community, while communicating with your prospects through a transparent lens, sets the stage for how people will value your product/service.


Social Media

We will create and manage your social media identity with services such as consumer engagement and promotional campaigns. This allows your business to connect and engage with your customer base on a more personal level. Social media is critical to your marketing portfolio. It will create an immediate ROI for your marketing plan by generating buzz and brand loyalty amongst your consumer base, thus allowing you to increase the reach of your business.

Tracer Digital Executive Team

Jefferey Lai HeadShot

Jeffrey Lai

Chief Operating Officer


Bryan Chiu

Chief Brand Officer

Anthony Green Headshot

Anthony Green

Chief Information Officer

Alson Niu HeadShot

Alson Niu

Chief Executive Officer

While other experts in this industry have gone to school and learned about the digital space.
Our team has grown up in the digital era, understanding the landscape in an applicable and holistic level.

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